Howdy readers! I’m a professional video game developer with a passion for hobby table-top role-playing gaming. I learned all about Dungeons & Dragons in 1977 at the impressionable age of 17. I stared developing video games soon after that and became a professional in 1991 when I focused my career on the passion I have for games of all kinds.

I’ve developed video games on almost every platform and genre and have been credited with management, design, engineering, art, testing, support, voice acting, music, sound effects, and any other game studio job you can imagine. I enjoy being the DM/GM/Dungeoneer or Imagineer and have run many different table-top RPG systems. I really enjoy running my house-rules: Cosmic Opera, Goblin Opera, Made in Japan and Endless Adventures. You will find that I have an over developed sense of humor that permeates everything I do… I prefer to blame Congress.

I also enjoy being a player in RPGs and have learned the hard lessons that only experience can give you: How to be the last one standing at a backstabbing party, how to bring humor into the game without being obnoxious, how to help the game master move the story along, and especially how to create that heroic moment where you and your friends turn the tides and defeat the evil overlord.

Please enjoy the ramblings and foolish advice provided. As a lifelong player, game master, and designer of all kinds of games it is my pleasure to pass along the best tips, secrets, know-how and obscure insights of that hard earned experience.

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