Dragoons20 RPG


Dragoons20 RPG 1st Edition is a Free Role-playing game of the table-top variety.

“The Cartoon Steampunk Fantasy World of Scallywags and Scoundrels”

Dragoons20 RPG is based on the world famous OGL Microlite20 RPG. It is quick and easy to play, with a sense of humor and minimal consequences for failure.

The unique fantastical world of Bantamwart is filled with wondrous magic and whimsical contraptions. It is inhabited by burglars, rascals and the magical creatures – Dragoons.

Players become roguish adventurers, exploring the æyots (floating islands) with rayguns, blunderbusses and magical swords while sailing the ætheric mists in their rocket powered blunderwagens.

  • Play as any of nine fantasy races
  • Encounter creatures and beasts of fairy tale imagination
  • Master gadgets, powers and skills that are as personalized as your wildest dreams
  • Frolic and play with the wacky game mechanics
  • Surrender yourself to the chaos and enjoy the fun
  • Compatible with rules and accessories you may already have

New version has corrections and clairifications on several pages – thanks for the feedback.

Download Dragoons20 RPG Regular PDF
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Download Dragoons20 Character Sheet PDF
Download Dragoons20 RPG Regular PDF [Sized for A4 paper]
Download Dragoons20 RPG Booklet Printing PDF [Sized for A4 paper]
Download Dragoons20 Character Sheet PDF [Sized for A4 paper]


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