gerekoHowdy Folks,
The articles on this site are for game developers who design for both video games and the table-top RPG industry. I will also post about events I’m attending, conferences I will be speaking at and slides from some of my talks.

While primarily focused on game development it will also contain tips, tricks and secrets for players, game masters and designers of Role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, Champions, GURPS, Toon, KAMB…).

The best place to start is by reading the recent posts. Then you can explore the search, catagories, tags or archives for posts related to lore you are interested in.

I am happy to be teaching Game Design at the SF Academy of Art. I’m co-founder and Senior Partner at LudusLabs, LLC where my partners and I help studios make their games a success. I’m also mentor teams at YetiZen an investment accellerator for game studios. You can read more about my career at LinkedIn.


Randy Angle